Configure Co Browsing

Note Enterprise Plus License Only

Note This feature requires an additional license from an Anywhere365 partner.


Provide better and effective customer support by getting a real-time look on your customer’s screen. Support agents can work together with customers to fill in forms, change account settings or purchase items online.


Configure Co Browsing

  1. Request a CoBrowsing API from your Anywhere365 Account manager

  2. Go to UCC settings site

  3. Go to general settings

  4. Add chat key "CoBrowsingApi" with the REST API Key

  5. Add chat key "EnableCoBrowsing"

  6. Go to WebChat application root folder

  7. Go to /sfbwebchatplus/xml/settings.xml

  8. If you want the cobrowse button permanently on, set the setting


Note that Agent's cannot have a co-browsing account for another organization / team.