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​​Deploy Web Agent as a Microsoft Team App

Note This product is part of an Invitation Release. Please contact your Sales Contact for more information.

Note Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent license required.


  • Before continuing make sure the sign in is configured, Learn More

  • To connect your Anywhere365 UCC to the WebAgent you also need the WebAgent Service, Learn More



Configure Web Agent as Teams App

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams client

  2. Select "More added apps"

  3. Select "More apps"

  4. Select "Upload a custom app"

  5. Select the option best fitted for you:

    1. Upload for me or my teams = If you only want to use it on your client

    2. Upload for [Tenant] = If you want to make it available for the whole organization

  6. Select the provided manifest

    Note Files can be requested at WORKSTREAMPEOPLE or Partner.

  7. Select Add


(Optional) Pin the App

Optionally you can pin the WebAgent app, so it is always visible for easy access:


(Optional) Pop-out conversations

Microsoft Teams uses a tab system, switching to the conversation tab after accepting a incoming audio call.

This can be altered by activating the new experience, Learn More