WebAgent for SAP C4C CTI

Note Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent license required.


  • Make sure your organization / account is enabled by Anywhere to login on the WebAgent.

  • Before continuing make sure the sign in is configured, Learn More

  • Make sure your organization is SAP C4C enabled by Anywhere.

  • (Optional) To connect your Anywhere365 UCC to the WebAgent you also need the WebAgent Service, Learn More

Note Language: instructions are based on an English SAP C4C user interface.


CTI widget configuration

Log into your SAP C4C environment with an Administrator account.

Navigate to:

Administrator > Service and Social > Communication Channels > Live Activity Configuration


In the Live Activity Configuration screen, enter the following values:

Communication Provider

Provider: External Provider

CTI Vendor: Leave empty or Other

Provider ID: widget

Provider URL: https://webagent.anywhere365.io

Layout: Fiori


Provider Control Dimensions

Choose a default height and width for the widget that fit your needs.

For example:

Height: 600

Width: 800

It’s also possible to adjust the widget’s height and width on-the-fly by dragging from the right bottom corner of the widget.


Fiori Client Settings

Make sure the <Display Provider Control> is set to Yes.

All other flags can activated or disabled to fit your needs.


Search Objects

Add all the Objects you would like to search, for instance Contacts and Accounts.


Save the settings by clicking Save (top right) or Save and Close (bottom right).