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​​WebAgent with SalesForce Classic CTI

Note: Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent and CTI Integration license required.



  • Setup view: Instructions are based on SalesForce Classic Experience, not on SalesForce Lightning.

  • Language: instructions are based on an English SalesForce user interface.


Create a Classic app

  1. In the SalesForce Setup go to Apps.

    Under Build > Create > Apps.

    Or click on ‘Manage Apps’ under ‘App’ in the Quick Links panel.

  2. Click the ‘New’ button.

  3. Step 1. Select type:

    Choose ‘Console’.

  4. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  5. Step 2. Enter the Details:

    1. App Label: Anywhere365 – Classic CTI

    2. App Name: Workstreampeople_Anywhere365_Classic_CTI

    3. Description: Native Salesforce Classic softphone for Anywhere365 Contact Center and Dialogue Management Platform, supporting Microsoft Teams.

  6. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  7. Step 3. Choose the Image Source for the Console Logo:

  8. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  9. Step 4. Choose Navigation Tab Items:

    Add Navigation items according to your likings. Recommended items are:

    • Home

    • Accounts

    • Contacts

    • Cases

  10. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  11. Step 5. Choose How Lists and Records Display:

    You can choose how records will open. Recommended is to select “As a primary tab”.

  12. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  13. Step 6. Choose Chat Settings:

    Leave the checkbox unmarked.

  14. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  15. Step 7. Assign to Profiles:

    Select the user profiles that should be able to access the Anywhere365 - WebAgent.

  16. Click the ‘Save’ button.

  17. The newly added app will be visible in the App list.


Add a Call Center

  1. In the SalesForce Setup menu on the left go to Call Centers.

    Under Build > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers.

  2. Click the ‘Import’ button.

  3. Browse to and select the supplied call center .xml file.

  4. Click the ’Import’ button. The Anywhere365 WebAgent call center should be visible in the list now.


Add Call Center users

  1. In the SalesForce Setup menu on the left go to Users.

    Under Administer > Manage users > Users.

  2. Add a new user by clicking ‘New User’ or edit an existing user by clicking the ‘Edit’ link in front of the user.

  3. Click on the lookup button (magnifier icon) next to the Call Center field.

    A popup will open.

  4. Select the ‘Anywhere365.WebAgent’ call center.

  5. Make sure the user has a profile that can access the WebAgent app (see Create a Classic App, step 15).

  6. Save the user profile.


Modify Softphone Layouts

  1. In the SalesForce Setup menu on the left go to Softphone Layouts.

    Under Customize > Call Center > Softphone Layouts.

  2. Modify the ‘Standard Softphone Layout’ by clicking ‘Edit’ or create a new softphone layout by clicking the ‘New’ button.

  3. Mark the softphone layout as ‘Is Default Layout’

  4. Select call type ‘Inbound’

  5. Scroll down to the ‘Screen Pop Settings’ and change these accordingly:

    • Screen pops open within: existing window
    • No matching records: Pop to new Contact
    • Single-matching record: Pop detail page
    • Multiple-matching records: Pop to search page

  6. Click the Save button