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​​Web Agent with Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework (CIF)

Note Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent and CTI Integration license required.


  • Before continuing make sure the sign in is configured, Learn More

  • (Optional) To connect your Anywhere365 UCC to the WebAgent you also need the WebAgent Service, Learn More


Configure CIF in Dynamics 365

  1. Open your Dynamics Portal and select ‘Get more apps’.

  2. Search for ‘Channel Integration Framework’ and hit ‘Get it now’.

  3. Select Continue

  4. Read the terms and conditions and select the proper Dynamics tenant.

    Also select the two check boxes and hit Agree.

  5. Important: Now log out and log in again, and open the My Apps list. Select the Channel Integration Framework.

  6. Click on +NEW and fill in the properties as per below.

    You may choose for which Channels and Roles the Web Agent should be active.

    • Channel URL: https://webagent.anywhere365.io?ucilib=[dynamics base url]/webresources/Widget/msdyn_ciLibrary.js

      in which [dynamics base url] should be replaced by the base url of your Dynamics365 environment e.g. https://crmorg.crm.dynamics.com

      Note For example:

      For example: https://webagent.anywhere365.io?ucilib=https://crmorg.crm.dynamics.com/webresources/Widget/msdyn_ciLibrary.js

    • Trusted Domain: https://webagent.anywhere365.io/