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Configure Click to Dial in Dynamics 365

Note: Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent and CTI Integration license required.

Note: Only available when audio is handled in the WebAgent, for example WebAgent with Remote Call Controls.


Click-to-dial is a feature that transforms all phone numbers or email uri's within the Dynamics 365 and the browser into links that dial out when clicked, making the calling process seamless, from web to phone



  1. Navigate to your Dynamics365 workspace

  2. Open Settings, Customization, Customization

  3. Open Customize the System

  4. Open Components, Entities, Contact, Form

  5. Open the correct form, for example Contact Web Form

  6. Open the field that needs to be Click to Dial, for example Business Phone

  7. Open the tab Controls and add Channel Communication Controls

  8. Finally click Publish to publish the changes to the form.