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WebAgent for Bulhorn

Note: Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent and CTI Integration license required.



Add the WebAgent to the Company Actions dropdown list

  • Make sure you are signed in as an administrator

  • Make sure there is at least one company in the Company List

To add the WebAgent to any company’s Actions dropdown list, follow these instructions:

  • In the Menu, go to ‘View Layout

  • Choose ‘Company’ in the Field Map Entity dropdown

  • Go to tab ‘Custom Menu Actions

  • Click the ‘Add New’ button

  • Enter the following values:

    • Name: WebAgent

    • Enabled: yes (ticked checkbox)

    • Location: In a record, on the menu

    • URL: https://webagent.anywhere365.io?subdomain=[Subdomain]&clientid=[Clientid]&clientsecret=[Clientsecret]

      Subdomain: replace [subdomain] with the cluster subdomain of your Bullhorn instance, e.g. ‘cls91’. Where can I find my cluster domain?

      Clientid and Clientsecret: replace [Clientid] and [Clientsecret] with the clientid and cliensecret of your Bullhorn REST API. The Clientid and Clientsecret can be obtained by creating a support ticket via the Bullhorn Resource Center. If these values ever change for whatever reason, the url must be updated accordingly.

    • User Types: the user roles which are allowed to use the WebAgent


Register redirect url

In order for the WebAgent to be able to obtain a token for the Bullhorn REST API, the WebAgent url has to be registered by Bullhorn. This can be done by submitting a Bullhorn support ticket providing the request to update the redirect url.

Url: https://webagent.anywhere365.io

Note: When using a regional WebAgent, the regional URL must be entered here.

Please note: This redirect url might change in the future, making it necessary to be updated again by Bullhorn support via a support ticket.