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What's new in WebAgent 6.24

Note: An additional Anywhere365 WebAgent license is required.

In preview: 7 July 2021

In production: 7 September 2021


The below a details of new features that are added to the WebAgent.


Added Forward Email Functionality


  • WebAgent Service v 1.29 or higher

  • Dialogue Manager v 1.20 or higher



During a Email conversation an Agent might need to contact or inform an external party, to enable this we have added a forward capability for email conversations. This enabled an Agent to send a message to an external party in the same thread with the customer. Additionally a reply from an external party will also be added to the conversation. Giving the agent the option to retrieve information externally.


Message from Customer

Message to the Customer

Message to external party

Message from external party



Added New Email Functionality


  • WebAgent Service v 1.30 or higher

  • Dialogue Manager v 1.21 or higher



While talking to a customer on the phone or via a chat, it could be useful to send an email. This was already possible via Outlook, but as a Dialogue Management system you want the first email to be part of your complete dialogue. To enable this we added a new email functionality. This enables the Agent to send out a email on behalf of the Email Dialogue Provider.