Update WebChat Dialogue Provider 2.0

Note This product is part of an Invitation Release. Please contact your Sales Contact for more information.

Note Enterprise license and higher

Note Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent license required.


  • Install ASP.NET Core 3.1.6 (or a later 3.1 series) Runtime & Hosting Bundle (if you have not already done this)

    • https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/3.1



Deploy package

  1. Unzip the Anywhere365 WebChat Dialogue Provider package

  2. Edit the properties.ps1

    1. Domain = Domain of the install account

    2. UserName = Username of the install account

  3. Run install.ps1 in PowerShell as administrator



After updating the WebChat Dialogue Provider needs to wait for a settings update from the Core. This can be done by waiting for the "PollingIntervalMinutes" or forced by a UCC restart.

WebChat Dialogue Provider log:

2019-04-18 16:13:32.7046 DEBUG SettingsManager - Added settings for UCC ucc__webchat

2019-04-18 16:13:32.7075 TRACE ProviderManager - TryAddUcc ucc__webchat