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WebChat Persistence

Note Additional Anywhere365 WebAgent license required.

Note Enterprise license and higher

Persistent sessions

As long as the user does not close the browser tab, the WebChat session can be restored. If this is done within a certain timeout (which is configurable on the server), the agent session in the WebAgent will be resumed as though no disconnect occurred. If this timeout has passed, the agent will be notified that the customer is disconnected. Resuming the WebChat session after the agent has fully handled the old session will cause a new agent hunt in the WebAgent.


Persistent window state

The state of the webchat window will be stored in session storage as long as the user doesn’t close the tab. When a refresh of the page occurs, we set the window state (open, closed or maximized), the webchat window’s position on the screen, the current theme and the contents of the chat input to it’s previous state, making it seem like a seamless transition with no loss of data.