Configure Wallboard View 8 (Multi UCC Group)


This view is also known as Multi UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers. View (single group).





  1. Open the config.xml file, which is located in the Anywhere365 “InFlight WallBoard\I01” folder

  2. The right value for the DefaultView = 8

  3. Make sure the General Settings are as in the example below

    <DefaultView value="8" enabled="true"></DefaultView>

  4. Enter the UCC groups.

    Note The same groups as view 3 are used, but only the sub-group

    <uccgroups enabled="true">

    <uccgroup name="Customer group 1" SLA1Label="20 sec" SLA2Label="2 min" Order="1">


    <ucc SLA1="20" SLA2="120" Skill1Available="60" Skill2Available="60" Skill1Other="10" DisplayName="UCC" Order="1">

    <DashboardServer version="1.5" name="ucc_name01" value="http://[ucc server fqdn]/DashboardService/signalr/hubs"></DashboardServer>


    <ucc SLA1="20" SLA2="120" Skill1Available="60" Skill2Available="60" Skill1Other="10"DisplayName="UCC" Order="2">

    <DashboardServer version="1.5" name="ucc_name02" value="http://[ucc server fqdn]/DashboardService/signalr/hubs"></DashboardServer>





  5. Make sure the General Settings are as in the example below, number depends on the group you want to see.

    <MultipleUCCGroup value="0" enabled="true" />

  6. Replace enter correct UCC name and UCC server

  7. Save the file

  8. Now the Multi UCC View is applied for the Wallboard.