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Install Voicemail Dialer V2

Note Enterprise license and higher


  • Voicemails are stored on SharePoint config page, Learn More

  • Core v 8.3 or higher

  • SharePoint Template v 8.2 or higher


Configuration of the Voicemail Dialer V2

Add the following settings to the SharePoint Setting list:


Control Settings

  • EnableVoicemailDialogueDialer: Enables and disables the Dialer.

    Note: Set to "Enabled"

  • VoicemailDialerVersion: Determines the version of the Dialer to be used.

    Note: Set to V2

  • EnableVoiceMailDialerOutsideBusinessHours: Enables the Dialer outside Business Hours.

  • VoiceMailDialerDeclineRetry: The number of times the VoicemailDialer will retry when an Agent declines the Voicemail Message.

  • VoiceMailDialerDeclineRetryTime: The number of minutes between retries.

  • VoicemailQueueStrategy: Determines how the Voicemail Session are placed in the Queue, Learn More

    • ProcessTime

    • ProcessTimeLowPriority (default)

  • VoicemailMaximumActiveSessions: The total number of Voicemail Sessions that can be active in the UCC. Once this number has been reached the VoicemailDialer will postpone creating new Sessions until currently active Sessions are handled. (default: 1)


Call Flow Settings

  • VoicemailTextToSpeech: Text to speech when VoicemailAgent answers the hunt from the VoicemailDialogueDialer. (default: "Welcome. Press one to receive a voicemail")

  • VoicemailFailedToRetrieve: When the voicemaildialogueprovider is not capable to the download the voicemail this message will be played to the voicemailagent (default: "Failed to retrieve the voice mail.")

  • VoicemailReplayTextToSpeech: The message that plays after the Voicemail Dialer has played the voicemail audio file. (default: "Press 9 to replay the voicemail.")