Configure CSV Plugin for Universal Timeline Service


  • Core version 6.3 or higher

  • Extension Window 6.0.18172.1 or higher

  • CSV plugin version 6.0.18172.1 or higher



Open the 'CsvPlugin.dll.config' file (located at 'C:\data\plugins\CsvPlugin' if you followed the installation guide).

Modify the '.config' file to include the TimelineServiceUrl:





<add key="TimelineServiceUrl" value="http://fqdnFDQN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name and specifies the exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS). An example for [hostname].[domain].[top level domain] is [www].[microsoft].[com]/UniversalTimelineService/"/>




Restart the UCC to make sure the modified settings are picked-up.