Install Twitter Dialogue Provider

Note Enterprise Plus License Only


  • Twitter account
  • Twitter application associated with your twitter account
  • Anywhere365 UCC with configured WebChat
  • Installation package of the SocialMedia Service


Configure Twitter

  1. Register your Twitter account @
  2. Go to and sign in
  3. Click the "Create New App" button
  4. Fill in the "Name", "Description" and "Website" of your app,
  5. Agree with the "Developer Agreement" and click the "Create your Twitter Application" button
  6. Go to the "Keys and Access Tokens" tab and click the "Create my access token" button
  7. On this page take a note of the following information (this will be used to configure the SocialMedia Service): Consumer Key (API Key), Consumer Secret (API Secret), Access Token and Access Token Secret
  8. Go to the "Permissions" tab and select "Read, Write and Access direct messages" and click on the "Update Settings" button
  9. Go to fill in you twitter account username and take note of the "Twitter User ID" (this will be used later)


Configure UCC + WebChat

Please consult the WebChat installation manual: Install Webchat Plus


Installing the service

  1. Unzip the installation package that is provided
  2. Open "properties.ps1" (in the extracted files location) with notepad and fill in "$domain", "$serviceAccountName" and "$serviceAccountPassword" to be used as credentials for installing the SocialMediaService as windows service and save it
  3. Run windows powershell as administrator, navigate to the location of the extracted files and run "InstallSocialMediaService.ps1"


Configuring and start the service

  1. Navigate to default install location (c:\Program Files\UCC\SocialMediaService) and open "appSettings1.config" with notepad and change the following settings:
    1. Enabled = "true"
    2. ConfigName = "this will be used for logging and you can fill in any name you like"
    3. FollowUserId = "the Twitter User ID you noted"
    4. TimelineName = "your twitter account username"
    5. ConsumerKey = "Consumer Key (API Key) you noted"
    6. ConsumerSecret = "Consumer Secret (API Secret) you noted"
    7. AccessToken = "Access Token you noted"
    8. AccessTokenSecret = "Access Token Secret you noted"
    9. HubConnectionUrl = "url of the ChatHub service"
    10. HubEndpoint = "SIP address of your configured chat endpoint"
    11. HubSkill = "skill that you configured for your chat endpoint"
  2. Save the file
  3. Repeat previous steps for appSettings2.config if want to configure a second twitter account
  4. Go to "Windows Services" and start "Anywhere365 SocialMedia Service"