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Anywhere365 SharePoint UCC Site Creator

Note: As with the installation/update of any component, it is important to make sure it is compatible with the version of the Bundle being used! Learn More

Supplemental Announcement:

Update 25-january-2023: Starting in February 2023 Microsoft will start enforcing hard limits in SharePoint Online when creating new SubSites, lists and libraries in a Site Collection to overcome their growing performance challenges. See Microsoft Message Center MC405984 (only visible to Microsoft 365 Administrator accounts or see our FAQ for a copy of a recent text.)

To see how this may impact your (future) deployments


Step 1: Prepare your SharePoint


Step 2: Create new Site Collection(s)


Step 3: Generate first App Credentials or Azure AD App-Only Certificate and Grant Trust


Step 4: Run Anywhere365 Site Collection Creator PowerShell script


Step 5: Run Anywhere365 UCC (Site) Creator PowerShell script