Configure Online Site for SharePoint Template

Note Is replaced with UCC Creator in 6.0, Learn More

Create Site

  1. Find the binaries on the server where the SharePoint Online template is installed from, or request the binaries from the Support Portal

  2. Make sure the SharePoint Template is in the App folder

  3. Edit the properties.ps1

    1. $inputSiteUrl = URL of the site collection

    2. $inputUsername = Username of the account, which is site administrator.

    3. $inputPassword = Password of the account, which is site administrator.

    4. $inputWebTitle = Title for the site

    5. $inputWebUrl = URL for the site, usually the same as ucc name.
      Example: ucc_support

  4. Open PowerShell as administrator

  5. Navigate to the files.

  6. Run "sptemplate-online_install.ps1"


Configuring configuration page

  1. Begin with the Setting list

    1. Edit ApplicationID


    2. (PRE 5.0 ONLY) Edit ApplicationURI


    3. (Optional) Edit CDRConnectionString

      Data Source=localhost\UCCSQL;Initial Catalog=UCC;Integrated Security=True

  2. Open the Endpoint list

    1. Add three SystemEndpoints

      Note In PRE 5.0 these are Default Endpoint.

      1. Sip:[ucc]001@[]

      2. Sip:[ucc]002@[]

      3. Sip:[ucc]003@[]

    2. (After 5.0 ONLY) Add a MainEndpoint

      1. Sip:[ucc]@[]



Continue reading on how to start the UCC.

Configure UCC