Configure Local Site for SharePoint Template

Note Is replaced with UCC Creator in 6.0, Learn More

Creating configuration site

  1. Add new sub-site under the site collection which was created for Anywhere365.

    1. Select UCC Config Template

    2. Add Title

    3. Add URL

    4. Set navigation inheritance to true if applicable.

    5. Leave other settings default.

    6. Select Create

  2. Your SharePoint environment now looks like the picture below:


Configuring configuration page

  1. Begin with the Setting list

    1. Edit ApplicationID


    2. (PRE 5.0 ONLY) Edit ApplicationURI


    3. (Optional) Edit CDRConnectionString

      Data Source=localhost\UCCSQL;Initial Catalog=UCC;Integrated Security=True

  2. Open the Endpoint list

    1. Add three SystemEndpoints

      Note In PRE 5.0 these are Default Endpoint.

      1. Sip:[ucc]001@[]

      2. Sip:[ucc]002@[]

      3. Sip:[ucc]003@[]

    2. (After 5.0 ONLY) Add a MainEndpoint

      1. Sip:[ucc]@[]


Continue reading on how to start the UCC.

Configure UCC