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The SharePoint TemplateSharePoint templates help you manage the settings of each UCC individually, as each UCC is organized via an own SharePoint site. The template is available on several platforms, such as SharePoint Server, Azure Server, and Office 365 SharePoint. is used to manage Anywhere365 directly on the SharePoint server or SharePoint Office 365. There are several benefits of using our SharePoint Template to manage the Unified Contact Center.

  • Ease of access, the settings page can be accessed from a internet browser, anywhere, anytime.
  • Simple, Familiar & Consistent User Experience
  • Settings version management,Learn More
  • Delete protection, Learn More
  • Microsoft Flow support, Learn More
  • Easy to grant permission and rights of groups and/or individual users
  • Information management policy settings





Each UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agents with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more UCCs. gets its own SharePoint site, in here you can configure the permission on different levels (Site, List or Item). This allows flexibility and the option to give operational management to the end users.

Good to know that there is no dependency for the UCC, this is because Anywhere365 uses local cache files and SharePoint is only used for submitting changed. In other words once the UCC is up and running SharePoint can go Offline without the UCC noticing it.


Available Platforms

The SharePoint Template is available on:

  • SharePoint Server (Foundation and Server Edition)
    • 2013
    • 2016
  • Azure Server
  • Office 365 SharePoint


Features Values

Note: Some features are only available with the corresponding license, this is indicated by one of the following icons. If no icon is shown, the feature applies to all mentioned licenses below. (Not applicable for basic queue or reception ucc)


Small Business



Enterprise Plus



Dialogue Intelligence

Dialogue Management

Available Languages

The SharePoint Template is available in the following languages: