Alert Supervisor and Scale Agents Up Workflow


It might be useful to alert a Supervisor if, for example, the amount of missed calls in the last 15 minutes is above a predefined boundary of 5, or if the amount of incoming calls in the last 10 minutes is higher than 20. In this case, it is possible to send an email to the supervisor, but it might be even more interesting to automatically assign additional agents to your contact center.



First, create a web service that returns a JSON-code with an integer. This web service can contain any business logic as described above. Together with the SharePoint REST API it is possible to calculate the results based on real-time call detail records.

For more information about the SharePointREST API, please visit:

In this example, the web service (, returns the amount of missed calls in the past 30 minutes in JSON:




With a simple SharePoint Workflow attached to the Anywhere365 Call Summary list it possible to check how many calls are missed in the past 30 minutes. If this amount is above a specific threshold, 10, the supervisor will receive an email and automatically all Formal AgentsA Formal Agent is able to sign in and sign out of the UCC. This can be achieved when the Agent sends a start or stop command to the Skype for Business client of the UCC. will become active Agents in the Unified Contact Center.

  1. Do a web service call and store the Response in a Variable.

  2. Get the number of missed calls from the Response Variable

  3. Check if the number of missed calls is greater than 10

  4. If so:

    1. Send an email to the supervisor

    2. Update the Agents list and set the field Formal to false

As soon as a new Call Detail Record is stored in SharePoint, the workflow will be triggered, and appropriate action will be taken.