Install Inflight Snapper for Skype for Business


Before starting the installation, make sure the following preparations are taken on the device that will run the Snapper:


(Optional) If you want to save your screen recordings to SharePoint, you will have to create the following document libraries within the UCC settings page:

Tip If the provided credentials have permissions to create document libraries on the SharePoint site, they will be created automatically.

  • InboundScreenRecordings

  • OutboundScreenRecordings

When the above preparations are completed, the installation can be continued.


Installing the Snapper

Note Snapper install needs to match the same bit-rate as the Skype client (32x or 64x)

The following steps describe the installation process of the Snapper.

  1. Run the msi file to start the setup program.

    Note Installations files can be requested at WORKSTREAMPEOPLE or Partner.

    (When receiving the installer as a .zip file please check whether the file is “Unblocked” in the file properties BEFORE extracting the installer)

  2. Click “Next

  3. Read and accept the License Agreement by checking the “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” box.

  4. The following screen will display the available features:

    1. Always install the “Anywhere365 Snapper (xx bit)”.

  5. Click “Install

  6. The Snapper will now be installed

  7. Select “Finish” to close the setup

  8. Run the shortcut to start the Application


Configure the Snapper

The Snapper has an auto-discovery feature, so you only need to add 1 UCC.

  1. Start the Snapper

  2. Open Settings button on the main toolbar (bottom)

  3. Open tab UCC Config

  4. Click Add UCC

  5. Enter the information:

    1. UCC Name = ApplicationId of the UCC

    2. UCC Host = FQDNFDQN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name and specifies the exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS). An example for [hostname].[domain].[top level domain] is [www].[microsoft].[com] of UCC

    3. Secure = Which protocol should be used. http:// or https://

    4. (Optional) Autodiscover = Automatically add other UCC's where the user is an Agent or Supervisor (leave disabled if you are only agent in one UCC or want to only see one UCC)

    5. (Optional) Advanced menu allows you to enter credentials for secure access to the Anywhere365 web services. For secure Attendant service Learn More, or secure Dashboard service Learn More.

  6. Click on save