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Install Screen Scaper

Note This feature requires an additional plug-in. Please contact your Sales Contact to verify if a plug-in is purchased.

Scraper Server installation

  1. Copy and unpack zip file Anywhere365 ImageHub ip on the Anywhere365 server
  2. Open PowerShell as Administrator
  3. Navigate to the unpacked location in PowerShell
  4. Run Install_ImageHub.ps1 to install the service
  5. Please test the imagehub URL in the browser. Blank screen is good
  6. After installation the URL of the service needs to be configured in the Screen Scraper plugin



Screen Scraper installation (client)

Ensure that the Snapper 6.0 is installed and is not running. If the Snapper is installed in x86 mode the Screen Scraper plugin also need to be installed in x86. Same applies to x64.

  • Run the installer of the scraper. Via Next > Accept > Next > Install


Screen Scraper configuration (client)

After the installation of the plugin, it needs to be configured.

  • Start the Snapper and go to the settings menu
  • Select the tab Plugins

  • Configure the ImageHub URL setting e.g. http://server.domain.com/ImageHub
  • Configure the Interval or leave it default
  • The settings will automatically be saved