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Install Microsoft Teams Presence plugin


  • Skype for Business client needs to be installed on the client

  • Bit-rate of following clients needs to be the same, either 32-bit or 64-bit

    • Skype for Business client

    • Microsoft Teams client

    • Inflight Snapper

    • Teams Presence plugin

  • Azure App client id, with the following API Permissions: (more information below)

    • Presence.Read | Delegated



Install plugin

Note Plugin is added by default in Snapper v 6.9.3.

  1. Download the zip-file

  2. Unblock the zip-file if needed

    1. Right-click the zip-file

    2. Select properties

    3. Uncheck “blocked” or click the “unblock”-button

  3. Extract the zip-file

  4. Launch the MSI

  5. Follow the wizard

  6. Finish the installation


Check MS Teams Client

  1. Make sure the setting “Register Teams as the chat app for Office (requires restarting Office applications)” is checked in your MS Teams Client

    1. MS Teams Client > Settings > General

  2. Make sure the bitrate of the following applications are identical (all 32-bit or all 64-bit):

    1. MS Teams Client

      1. MS Teams Client > About > Version

    2. Snapper

    3. Snapper Teams Presence Plugin

    4. MS Office


Change A365 core accordingly

  1. Connect to the A365 server

  2. Navigate to the config.xml

  3. Edit the config.xml

  4. Enable the presence provider “AttendantServiceSource”

  5. Add a match-pattern for the Teams Domain:

    <Match pattern="domain.com" />

  6. Restart the UCC services


Validate connection

As of now, all presence changes from the Agent’s Teams client (with the matching sip doain), should be shared with the A365 back-end (this can be confirmed from the log files; please find an example log-line below).

2019-06-07 12:51:54,602 [21] ucc_name DEBUG - ucc_name Presence change: 'sip:agent@comain.com' Online : 3500 : : Web : None Formal:False, Active:True. WspAttendantServiceModalityCapabilities: (audio: True, video: False, text: False)

Note Please note, if the Snapper is not started, the Agent shows offline from an A365 perspective and no calls will be offered to the Agent, so make sure the Agent has the Snapper started while working.