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Encode Screen Recording for Inflight Snapper

Note Since Snapper 6.6 MotionJpeg is no longer supported.


FFMpeg installation:

  1. Download FFMpeg:


  2. Extract the zip file to a temporary location

  3. Locate FFMpeg.exe in the extract location (\ffmpeg-latest-win64-static\bin\FFMpeg.exe)

  4. Copy FFMpeg.exe to the Snapper installation (e.g. 32-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere365 Snapper or 64-bit C:\Program Files\Anywhere365 Snapper)

  5. Snapper screen recording will now use FFMpeg. You can delete the temporary files.

To playback the screen recordings we recommend using VLCPlayer. You can download this at the following website: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html. When using FFMpeg it is possible to use your default media player depending on your system configuration.


Technical specs recordings:

  • FFMpeg
    • File extension: mp4
    • Video codec: Advanced Video Codec (AVC)
    • Audio codec: Advanced Audio Codec (ACC)
    • FPS: 10