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Create Power BI Email Wallboard


You can use Power BI Streaming Datasets to create your own real time wallboard. For example to monitor the email queue.


Create Streaming Dataset

The first step is to setup a streaming dataset.

  1. Go to the Power BI portal: https://app.powerbi.com
  2. Go to the Workspace where you want to create the dataset.
  3. Select "Create", "Streaming dataset"

  4. Select "API"
  5. Give the Dataset a name, for example Email Wallboard
  6. Add the following values:
    1. datetime - DateTime
    2. queuename - Text
    3. queue - Number
    4. completed - Number
  7. Select "Create"
  8. Copy the "Push URL" for the next part.


Configure Scheduled Task

The next step is to automatically push data to the streaming dataset.

  1. Request the PowerShell scripts from the supportdesk
  2. Copy the files to "c:\program files\anywhere365\scripts\EmailWallboard"
  3. Edit "PushEmailWallboard.ps1":
    1. $endpoint = Push URL from previous part.
    2. $siteUrl = SharePoint Email page URL
    3. $libary = Name of the libary you want to push
    4. $spusername = domain\username of account with read permissions
    5. $sppassword = Password of the account
    6. $dataSource = Servername\Instance
    7. $database = Name of the Anywhere365 Database
    8. $sqlusername = Username of SQL account with read permissions on the database
    9. $sqlpassword = Password of SQL account
  4. Save the file
  5. Open "Task Scheduler"
  6. Create New Task
    1. General
      1. Name = For example "Email- PowerBI"
      2. Change Security options to "Run whether user is logged on or not"
    2. Trigger, add "New"
      1. Set to Daily
      2. In Advanced settings, check "Repeat task every: 5 minutes for a duration of: Indefinitely
    3. Actions, add "New"
      1. Program/script = Powershell.exe
      2. Add arguments = "-ExecutionPolicy Bypass C:\program files\anywhere365\scripts\CallBackWallboard\PushEmailWallboard.ps1"
  7. Press "OK" and enter credentials to run the script.


Create Email Dashboard

Now that the Streaming Dataset is receiving live data, it is time create the dashboard.

  1. Go back to the Power BI portal
  2. Select "Create", "Dashboard"
  3. Give the Dashboard a name, for example Email Wallboard
  4. Select "Add Tile", below some examples:
    1. Handled Today
      1. Type = Card
      2. Field = completed
    2. Queue
      1. Type = Card
      2. Value = queue
    3. Timeline
      1. Type = Line chart
      2. Axis = datetime
      3. Values = queue, completed