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Change Template Theme


Change the look and feel of the Anywhere365 Power BI Template



  • You have the Anywhere365 Power BI Template configured and preferably filled with data

  • You have downloaded the Theme files (delivered with the Anywhere365 Power BI Template package) on your machine


Quick Setup

In this quick setup, we take you through the steps to changes themes

  1. Select Switch Theme

  2. Select Import Theme, this will open a file explorer window

  3. Navigate to and select the new power BI theme file. For example the "PowerBI Anywhere365 Dark Theme.json"

  4. Power BI will now change the color scheme of all visuals and text fields in the Anywhere365 Power BI Template

  5. Icon on the welcome page are not changed automatically, because of Power BI limitations. To change the icons:

    1. Open the filter panel on the right side of the screen

    2. Under "Filters on all pages" select the filter "Theme" and select Dark (Or Light when changing back to the Light theme)

  6. The theme has now successfully been changed