NFC Routing

Note Enterprise license and higher

Upgrade your Business Card to a Business Communication Card? At WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, our business cards have an embedded NFC chip or QR code that allows you to reach me by simply tapping your NFC/QR mobile to the card. Based on Skype, Anywhere365 shows you if I’m away (red) or available (green), but also allows my assistant or even team to take over my presence if required. I’m my own contact center now! With integrated WebChat you can chat with me or start a click2call. Rethink!


Features Values

Note: Some features require are only available with the corresponding license, this is indicated by one of the following icons. If no icon is shown, the feature applies to all mentioned licenses below. (Not applicable for basic queue or reception uccUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers.)


Small Business



Enterprise Plus


Dialogue Intelligence


Dialogue Management


Agent Management