CPU Log Analyzer




This CPU Log Analyzer gives you a quick impression of the performance of your Anywhere365 UCC server.

The script creates an output file named 'systemlog_dd-mm-yyyy.csv'. Once you have an output file, you can start the CPU Log Analyzer.xlsx file. It will automatically ask for an input file. Select the created output file and hit OK. You will now see the Chart tab with the currently selected data.

On the Variables tab you can change the highlight limit for the Anywhere365 CPU usage and the total CPU usage.

It is possible to schedule the script, so you can periodically check the performance of your Anywhere365 UCC server.

Learn more about the scheduling of this script via the manual, which can be found below.


Management Tool Kit-CPU Log Analyzer Schedule Set-Up

  1. Place the PowerShell file in C:\install\WORKSTREAMPEOPLE
  2. Open TaskScheduler
  3. Choose for ‘Create Task’

  4. On the ‘General’ tab:
    1. Name = A365 CPU Logger
    2. Check ‘Run whether user is logged on or not’
    3. Check ‘Do not store password. The task will only have access to local computer resources.’
    4. Check ‘Run with highest privileges’

  5. On the ‘Triggers’ tab:
    1. Click ‘New..’
    2. Check ‘Repeat task every: 5 minutes for a duration of: Indefinitely’
    3. Click ‘OK’

  6. On the ‘Actions’ tab:
    1. Click ‘New’
    2. Program/Script: powershell.exe
    3. Add arguments (optional): -command "C:\Install\WORKSTREAMPEOPLE\systemlog.ps1"
    4. Click ’OK’

  7. Click ‘OK’