Setup Monitoring for Interceptor

Anywhere365's InterceptorThe Interceptor is a service installed on the Skype for Business Front End(s). It monitors all the calls passing over it. When a call is going to or coming from an Agent it will come into action. By intercepting that call and redirecting it to Anywhere365, it lets you manage the direct inbound and outbound dialogues of the contact center agents. offers KPI's to support monitoring, for example in PerfMon, SCOM, Solarwinds or other monitoring tools.

Available KPI's




The Heartbeat of the UCC. It send 1 every second the UCC is Online and 0 when the UCC is Offline

Total Connections Active

The number of connections that are configured in the Interceptor and that are currently are active.

Total Connections Configured

The number of connections that are configured in the Interceptor.

Total Uccs

The number of UCC's connected to the Interceptor

Viewing KPI's using Performance Monitor

  1. Connect to the Skype for Business Front End server where the Anywhere365 Interceptor is installed.

  2. Start "Performance Monitoring".

  3. Select Add or press Ctrl+N

  4. Search for "Anywhere365 Interceptor"

  5. Expand to select a counter or "Anywhere365 Interceptor" for all counters

  6. Select "Add>>"