Setup Firewall for Interceptor

In some occasions it's necessary to configure the Windows Firewall on the Anywhere365 server in order to make the UCC communicate with the InterceptorThe Interceptor is a service installed on the Skype for Business Front End(s). It monitors all the calls passing over it. When a call is going to or coming from an Agent it will come into action. By intercepting that call and redirecting it to Anywhere365, it lets you manage the direct inbound and outbound dialogues of the contact center agents..

To do this, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to Windows Firewall (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall)

  2. Click on Advanced Settings

  3. Click on Inbound Rules and then New Rule. Then Hit Port and Next.

  4. Select TCP and Specific local ports. Typ in "10000".

  5. Select Allow the connection and hit Next

  6. Now select only Domain

  7. Finally Choose a name and optional description for this port and click Finish

  8. Repeat the steps from step 3, only then selecting Outbound Rules

  9. The Interceptor should now work properly.