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GridChat by Anywhere365 enables customers to create a branded app their customers can download from their app store to get in touch with their Unified Contact Center (UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers.). Customers can send a chat message whenever they feel like it, and this message is routed to an available Agent, using the same tools as they use to handle incoming calls. The chat is fully part of the UCC, including: Interactive Dialog Response, CRMCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a method/technology for managing contacts of customers. CRM helps to offer each customer an individual value proposition based on its wishes. In addition, CRM makes it visible which customers represent higher value for the organization and therefore might be served in a different way. integration, Hunting methods and Reporting. Users can decide to include video chat or share pictures or files, allowing the UCC Agent to see what they are talking about. GridChat is available for iPhone and android.


Agent chat handling

We always say: ‘Anyone can be a contact center!’, and using Anywhere365 anyone technically can. However, not everybody has the same skill set. So why would you want the response to chat messages to be handled by a dedicated person who will have to handle all possible questions about all possible topics? The reason why you have a UCC for phone contacts are also valid for chat messages. Make use of your UCC and let the contact specialists handle the chat.



Offer a branded chat app to your UCC that looks and feels as if it is your own. Users download the generic GridChat app from their app-store via a link you provide. After installation the user connects to your UCC by scanning a QR code, or in the case of a public UCC by selecting your UCC from the public Chat Center list.


Available SDK

Alternatively, when you don’t want to use the generic GridChat app, you can include the GridChat functionality in your own native app via our Chat App Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK comes with clear instructions and support and allows you to add UCC contact functionality to an app of your own design. The Chat App SDK is available for iOS and Android.


Easy to use file or picture sharing

A lot of effort is put in the user interface design resulting in an app that is self-explanatory for any smartphone user. To share a picture from your smartphone is just a tap on the paperclip icon.


Speech and video integration

Anywhere in the conversation the user can open a voice or video channel when they find their question too difficult to explain via the chat or want the Agent to see what they are talking about. For privacy reasons the app-user is fully in control to open or close a video channel.


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Interactive Dialog Response

Like the Anywhere365 WebChat, GridChat supports predefined customer queries to assist in routing the message to the correct Agent. The menu allows users to enter user information (customer ID, email address etc.) or to choose what kind of chat request they have, what product they use, if they need support or not etc.

When an IDRInteractive Dialogue Response (IDR) is an application to take orders via keypad or button through a computer. By choosing menu options the contact receives information, without the intervention of a human operator, or will be forwarded to the appropriate Agent. is used, messages are always answered immediately, however when you do not have global UCC coverage, Agents will not be always available. Chat users will receive a message with the opening hours and will be informed the first Available Agent will respond in the morning. Or alternatively, certain users will be able to be contacted to the 24/7 help desk, or chat users can leave a call-back request. Anything you think of in your UCC availability strategy is also available the GridChat app.


CRM integration

Using the IDR you can request the customer to enter their email address, or customer ID. When an Agent receives the chat message the CRM information is automatically loaded as well.


Hunting methods

Rout chat messages to the right Agent using any of the UCC hunting methods (Presence, Device, Skill, Longest idle, Least Occupied, Round Robin, Serial or Parallel routing)


Chat retention

Messages remain on the smartphone much like any other social media text message. When an Agent connects to the user, any messages entered while the user was not connected to an Agent are presented as well.


When a call or a chat session is ended by the agent, the user will be asked to rate the experience for performance monitoring.



As GridChat is connected to your UCC, all conversations are part of the UCCs logging and reporting tools.


Call me Back

Users can do a call-back request when the UCC is closed or no Agenst are available


Features Values

Note: Some features require are only available with the corresponding license, this is indicated by one of the following icons. If no icon is shown, the feature applies to all mentioned licenses below. (Not applicable for basic queue or reception ucc)


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Dialogue Provider

Content Management

Dialogue Management

Agent Functionality