Extension Windows User Guide


The extension window will give the agent additional information about the customer from your CRMCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a method/technology for managing contacts of customers. CRM helps to offer each customer an individual value proposition based on its wishes. In addition, CRM makes it visible which customers represent higher value for the organization and therefore might be served in a different way. system. Additionally it lets you take control, to better manage a dialogue.

The window is split up into 3 parts.

  1. Dialogue Bar (Topbar)

  2. CRM pane (Left pane)

  3. Tabs (Lower right screen)


Dialogue Bar




The dialogue bar contains (from left to right):




Contact picture

Skype for BusinessSkype for Business (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync) is an instant-messaging client used by Anywhere365. In order to use SFB, a Microsoft Skype for Business Server is required. Skype for Business is enterprise software; compared to Skype, it has different features that target businesses. photo of the contact.

(Loaded from the Skype for Business SDK)

Caller information

This item displays 3 objects:

  1. Display name, (when connected with CRM). This item is click-able and will open the contact page or new contact page.

  2. Uri (Phonenumber or SIPThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol to make multimedia communication (audio, video and other data communication) possible and it is also used for Voice over IP (VoIP). SIP has similarities with other Internet protocols such as HTTP and SMTP. address)

  3. UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers. and Skill

Survey Button

Open Survey

(Survey needs to be configured, Learn More)

(Can be hidden in the config)

Create Lead / Open CRM

Click-able (when connected with CRM):

  • If contact wasn't found in CRM, it will open a new contact window.

  • If contact was found in CRM, it will open the contact page.

(Can be hidden in the config)

Show # calls today

The number of times the customer called today. This information is loaded from the Anywhere365 CDR database.

Current Skill

Shows the current Skill the customer selected.

By clicking you can select to forward the customer to a different Skill.

Create Case

Click-able (when connected with CRM), it will open a new case window in you CRM system.

(Can be hidden in the config)

Save record button

If configured, you can tag a call for recording.

(Recording needs to be configured, Learn More)

(Can be hidden in the config)

Pause / Resume record button

If configured, you can pause and resume a recording of a call.

(Recording needs to be configured, Learn More)

(Can be hidden in the config)


Action: Open CRM

If you have a CRM plugin configured you can open the contact by clicking on the person name or by clicking on the Icon.


Action: Change Skill

You can change the skill by clicking on the Skill icon and select the a Skill. This will put the Customer in that Skill / Queue or forward when a Forward Skill is chosen.


Action: Mark for Recording


The Agent can check of un-check is the Recording should be saved by clicking the icon.



Configure the following UCC settings, Learn More

  • UseAudioRecording = true
  • AgentCanEditAudioRecording = true
  • SaveRecordingByDefault = false


Action: Pause Recording

If a recording is active and the Agent can control this (AgentCanEditAudioRecording = true ), he or she can pause and resume the recording by clicking the record button.




CRM Pane


CRM Info

The CRM pane displays the information that was loaded from CRM. Information may be different based on which CRM system.


Previous Contacts

The Previous Contact(s) is based on Anywhere365 data, and will always be shown. Regardless of which CRM plugin. By right-clicking you can see the contact card.


Cases / Contacts

In the lowest part you will see the contact's Active Cases. You can click on the search button to search for Cases or other contacts.


Action: Assign to Contact

When a customer is using a new number or the number is not available in your CRM system, you can directly assign it.

This can be done by searching the contact, select the contact and selecting the "Assign" button.



The extension window have multiple tabs available.