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Retention Policy for Dialogue Manager Database


This topics describes how the use the retention policy script to remove Dialogue Manager data older the set time.

Only Text conversation that are processed before the retention date range will be deleted. Text conservations that are still open or that have been re-opened inside the rendition date range will not be deleted.

The Retention Policy script will cleanup the following tables:

  • Session

  • MessageAttachment

  • Attachment

  • Participant

  • Message

  • Conversation


Run Retention Policy script

  1. Login to a machine / server with "Azure Data Studio" or "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio".

  2. Connect to the Database engine, where the databases are located.

  3. Navigate to the Dialogue Programmability > Stored Procedured

  4. Execute the "dbo.usp_Retention" script.

  5. Change the Parameter:

    1. RetentionDate = The number of days you would like to keep data in the current database.

  6. Execute the script.