How to configure a CallPark in Dialogue Studio


A popular feature for Skype for BusinessSkype for Business (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync) is an instant-messaging client used by Anywhere365. In order to use SFB, a Microsoft Skype for Business Server is required. Skype for Business is enterprise software; compared to Skype, it has different features that target businesses. is Call Park. Call park is a feature that allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set.

This feature can also be created in Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio, this way this feature becomes available for Microsoft Teams and PSTN.

For this scenario we will be writing two function:

  1. Park Conversation

  2. Continue Conversation

The complete scenario will go as followed:

  1. Park

    1. Customer talks to an Agent

    2. Agent connects to Call Park

    3. Agent creates Call Park session and puts the customer in the session

  2. Continue

    1. Colleague contacts Call Park

    2. Takes parked session from Queue




Configure Park Conversation

First, we need to create a park session:

This can be done by writing a “Function” node. In here we generate an available slot number and store it with the session id in “Flow”. When storing something in the “Flow”, you can keep using it for later user. In this case when the colleague calls to retrieves the conversation.

Next, we as a “Say” node to tell the Agent in which slot number the conversation will be stored. Additional this can also be send using IM, Push notification or an Email.

Finally, we will put the session in the queue, by using a “Enqueue” node.


Configure Continue Conversation

Now that we have a parked session, we need the option to retrieve this session from the queue:

When the colleague calls, we will start with a “Ask and wait for input” node. In here the user can enter the slot number. Next, we do a “Say” node to verify if the user entered the right number.

Now we use another “Function” node to retrieve the session id. In the previous part we have written this information in the “Flow”. Now we use that same logic to retrieve the information from the “Flow”.

When we have found a session id, we will inform the user that we will retrieve it by using a “Say” node. Finally, we will use a “Merge” node. With this node tell Anywhere365 to merge the queued session with the active session. This will result in that both conversations will be connected.