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How to configure catch in Dialogue Studio

If a node throws an error whilst handling a message, the flow will typically halt. This node can be used to catch those errors and handle them with a dedicated flow.



A catch is used when a node gives an error. In this example we are going to catch if a skill does not exist.

We are going to start with a “Catch” node. This node only activate when the Enqueue Node gives an error.


  1. Drag and drop Catch Node

  2. Open Node

    1. Switch to selected nodes

    2. Select the EnqueueNode

Next creating to notify that something went wrong, by using a Say Node.


  1. Drag and drop Say Node

  2. Open Node

    1. Set the message to notify the customer

  3. Connect end of Catch Node with begin of Say node

Finally we want to customer to escape to a fallback skill.

Make sure this one does exist.


  1. Drag and drop Enqueue Node

  2. Open Node

    1. Set Skill to a Skill name

  3. Connect end of Say Node with begin of Enqueue node