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Action node - Preferred Hunt


The Preferred Hunt action will first try to connect the dialogue to the preferred Agents (comma separated). If this is not possible, it will fallback to the appointed skill.

Note: Preferred Hunt should be used in the incoming phase.


Additional information:

With the Preferred Hunt action the UCC will try to hunt the configured sipURIs . Both the Sips field and the Skill field are mandatory fields for this action. If the preferred Agents are not available the session will be placed int he waiting queue of the skill that was chosen for fallback.


Sips field: this can either start with "sip:" or "tel:", e.g. enter sip:agent@.. one after the other and separate with commas.

Skill field: enter the preferred (fallback) skill, if none of the specified Agents is available, the call will be placed in the waiting queue of this skill.


Example of the call flow with preferred hunt action applied (click to enlarge):


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