Dialogue Studio Installation

Note Enterprise Plus License Only

Note Only available for OPEX license, contact your sales contact for more information.



Configure Dialogue Studio UCC Plugin

  1. Now extract the UCC plugin to a folder on disk, for example C:\data\plugins\NodeRedPlugin

  2. Add the following line to your UnifiedContactCenter in config.xml of the UCC config:

    <Plugin name="NodeRedPlugin" isIdentityPlugin="true" path="C:\data\plugins\NodeRedPlugin\UccPlugin" file="Wsp.Anywhere365.Ucc.NodeRedPlugin​.dll"/>

  3. (Re)start the UCC to load the plugin.

The UCC starts a SignalR Hub that is used by the NodeRed plugin. To check if the plugin is installed and running correctly navigate in a webbrowser on the UCC machine to http://localhost:8888/uccName/signalr/hubs. You should see a JavaScript document that describes the contract of the hub.