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Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio is a low-code platform for designing and programming flows. The Dialogue Studio plugin for the Unified Contact Center platform enables flexible data driven routing of incoming dialogue flows.

With Dialogue Studio you can drag and drop small building blocks (nodes) that will connect incoming calls, fetch relevant data from CRM or database for routing and interaction, and hunt the right agents to answer the call. The underlying coding will connect your flow with the UCC application server. Your advantage is that you can adjust the flows for each UCC with a mouse-click on the Deploy button.

This is an example of a simple IVR Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone application to take orders via telephone keypad or voice through a computer. By choosing menu options the caller receives information, without the intervention of a human operator, or will be forwarded to the appropriate Agent. dialogue where the incoming calls (or chat messages) are being connected to the Sales or Support department, depending on the customer’s choice in the IVR:


Maximize your IVR flexibility

The biggest advantage of Dialogue Studio is that you can use the flow the minute after you have clicked Deploy. It will replace the default IVR that was provided with the configuration of the UCC using the UCC Creator script. It was built to be able to extend your IVR with CRM and data access simply by connecting nodes on a canvas, rather than enter several configurations manually via SharePoint.

With Dialogue Studio we provide the tool to maximize your IVR flexibility and to unlock the full potential of the Anywhere365 platform, which enables data driven routing, customer interaction, language services, an even the possibility to integrate a self-service chat bot among plenty of other features. Browse the how-to guides under Dialogue Studio Scenarios to find out more about some basic and advanced flow configurations.


Try out Dialogue Studio sample flows

There are some example flows available, that can be imported within the application itself. You can also choose to try out some smaller building blocks, to get an idea about how Dialogue Studio works. Simply download some ready-to-use sample flows directly from the GitHub repository.

NoteThese sample flows can only be used when connected to a Anywhere365 server, UCC or database.