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How to set up Remote Git with Dialogue Studio (Azure DevOps GIT)

From the Dialogue Studio application it is also possible to connect to a remote git repository. The user commit first to the local repository and pushes then to the remote repository. This way the flows are saved on two locations, on the Dialogue Studio server and on the remote repository.

In order to use Git the user needs first to create a project in Dialogue Studio. Without a project no local git repository is created.

How to set up Remote Git with Dialogue Studio (Azure DevOps GIT)

In order to use a remote git repository you need to configure first the remote repository. Follow the steps below to set up a remote git repository for your Dialogue Studio instance with Azure DevOps:

  1. Create a Git repository on an Azure DevOps project (e.g. DSRepo)

  2. Clone the repository: create alternate credentials for the Git repository and copy the HTTPS URL, Username and Password:

  3. Change the HTTPS URL removing the part before the @ sign. E.g. https://myorg@dev.azure.com/myorg/DialogueStudio/_git/TestDS

    modified to:


  4. Upload dummy flows.json and package.json to the Azure DevOps repository. If you don’t have dummy files you can use the following files (no password needed):

  5. In Dialogue Studio, in the new project pop up select Clone Repository and fill in the URL from step3, and the Username and Password from step 2. If you used a password to encrypt the dummy flows.json and package.json, fill in also the password, otherwise leave the password field empty. Then click on Clone Repository:

How to use a Remote Git to backup Dialogue Studio flows (Azure DevOps GIT)

Once the remote repository is set up, we can commit changes in our Dialogue Studio flows to save them.

  1. After changing the flow in Dialogue Studio you should see that changes are ready to be staged to local repository. Click on “+ all” to stage the changes:

  2. After the changes are stage, they are shown under “Changes to commit”. Click on commit to save them on the local git repository:

  3. Open the Commit History and you will se that there is one change to be committed to the remote git repository. Click on the arrows icon to push the commit to the remote Azure DevOps repository:

How to use a Remote Git to restore Dialogue Studio flows (Azure DevOps GIT)

  1. On you Azure DevOps repository, go to history and identify the commit the you want to revert to. Open the commit and click on Revert it on Azure DevOps. By default Azure DevOps creates a new branch for the revert operation.

  2. On Dialogue Studio, select the new branch and you will see that there is one change ready to be downloaded. Click on Pull to download the revert to Dialogue Studio:

  3. The Dialogue Studio flow is restored and you can choose to push it to the main branch.