Schedule automatic report export


If you need to use the same reports every week or month, it is easier to schedule. The schedule will automatically send the same report (pre-configured) every week, month or any other schedule you need to a mailbox or file share.


Schedule report

  1. Navigate to the 'SQL Server Reporting Services'

    Note Based on your version of SSRS the layout will differ, but the actions will have similar names.

  2. (Optional) Open Folder if reports are placed in a Folder

  3. Select the dropdown button of the report you want to schedule

  4. Select 'Subscribe'

  5. Select the desired "Delivered by'

    For Email, Exchange needs to be configured for SSRS

  6. Select the schedule

  7. Select the correct Subscription parameter

    This / Last Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year

  8. (Optional) Change the parameters default values

  9. Select 'OK'