Retention Policy for CDR Database


This topics describes how the use the retention policy script to remove CDR data older the set time.


Run Retention Policy script

  1. Request the "executeMoveandDelete" script from the support desk

  2. Login to a machine that can access the database.

  3. Open the "executeMoveandDelete" script.

  4. Change the variables:

    1. $connectionStringProd = Connectionstring of the current database.

  5. Change the Parameter:

    1. $moveRecords = Should be $false, else the items are copied to the archive database.

    2. $deleteOldRecords = Should be $true, so the items in the production database are removed.

    3. $daysRetention = The number of days you would like to keep data in the current database.

  6. Execute the script in PowerShell.