Retention Policy for CDR Database


This topics describes how the use the retention policy script to remove CDR data older the set time.


Run Retention Policy script

  1. Request the "RetentionPolicyScript" script from the support desk

  2. Login to a machine / server with "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio"

  3. Connect to the Database engine, where the databases are located

  4. Open the "RetentionPolicyScript" script

  5. Change the Parameter

    1. DaysRetension = The number of days you would like to keep data in the current database

    2. FilterUCC = If true, only remove data from UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers. in parameter "UCC". If false, remove data from all UCCs

    3. UCCName = Name of the UCC where the data needs to be removed. Only when "FilterUCC" is true.

  6. Execute the script