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CRM Service

Note Additional CRM connector license required per data source.


The CRM Service is used to connect your preferred CRM client with the Anywhere365 contact center in order to display information from your CRM database directly in the Anywhere365 application (Extension Window or the WebAgent).

Customer information for inbound and outbound interactions is automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record.

If you want to visualize how the CRM Service component is integrated within the Architectural Design, visit the WebAgent Infrastructure Overview.



Components overview

The CRM Service is a .net framework web application which is exposing a REST interface. This REST interface is a API contract between the WebAgent / WebAgentService and the CRM Service. The CRM Service can have different implementations of different CRM Systems like Dynamics365, SQL, AFAS or even a simple CSV file.

The service is part of a larger system within the WebAgent application

  • WebAgent: Application where the information is displayed

  • WebAgentService: backend service of the WebAgent

  • Unified Contact Center + ListsPlugin: responsible for sending settings to the CRM Service and WAS

  • SharePoint site: Responsible for storing the settings / configuration


The following diagram lists all components involved:




Uninstall CRM Service

Find steps described how to uninstall the CRM Service under Additional Configuration.