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Afas Profit Configuration for the Anywhere365 CRM Service


In order to use the Anywhere365 CRM Service, the following configurations to create Get Connectors and authentication token have to be done upfront to be able to retrieve information from Afas Profit. The configuration can be done following three main steps:

Step 1

To be able to create Get Connectors, you need to Import the GCN files in Afas Profit to configure the Afas REST services:

  • Anywhere365_Contacts

  • Anywhere365_OrgPer

  • Anywhere365_Cases

Afas exposes access to external systems by using special services called Get Connectors . The GCN files contain the required Get Connector definitions.

Step 2

Add the Get Connectors to an AppConnector to make the Get Connectors available for external applications.

Step 3

Create or provide an Afas security token for the AppConnector. This Security token is required to authenticate for each request to the Afas Get Connectors.



Step 1 Create the Get Connectors

Unzip the Afas Profit package. Go the ImportConnectors folder. There are 3 GCN files in this folder:

  1. Anywhere365_Contacts.gcn

  2. Anywhere365_OrgPer.gcn

  3. Anywhere365_Cases.gcn



To import the GCN Files, go to the Afas Profit environment. Follow the steps below from the Afas support site Import and export a GetConnector.

  1. Go to: General / Output / Management / GetConnector.

  2. Click on the action: Import.

  3. Click on:

    • File (to import one GetConnector)

    • Folder (to import multiple GetConnectors)

  4. Select the '.gcn file' for the GetConnector to be imported.

  5. Click on: Finish. The system displays the progress of the import.

  6. Click on: OK.

  7. Click on: Finish. The import is complete. The imported Get Connector should be available.

  8. (Optional) It is possible to add filters to a Get Connector, for instance because the Get Connector should only return certain types of cases.

Read Fixed filter for GetConnector from the Afas support site for more information.


Step 2 Add the Connectors to an App Connector

The App Connector is an application that runs a set of GetConnectors and UpdateConnectors. The App Connector uses user authentication based on tokens. An App Connector is used to communicate with external applications. The created Get Connectors in the previous step have to be added to an App Connector.

To create a new connector follow the steps below from the Afas support site Add your own app connector.

  1. Go to: General / Management / App connector.

  2. Click on: New.

  3. Enter the description for instance Anywhere365_connectors.

  4. Select a user group in User group.

  5. Click on: Finish. The properties of the app connector are opened.

  6. Go to the tab: GetConnectors.

  7. Click on: New.

  8. Select the check boxes for the GetConnectors Anywhere365_Contacts, Anywhere365_OrgPer and Anywhere365_Cases.

  9. Click on: Finish.

  10. Go to the tab: General.

  11. Deselect the Blocked check box if you want to start using the app connector.

  12. Click on: OK.


Step 3 Create an authentication token

AFAS Remote uses tokens for authentication. A token is a unique key for the combination of an environment, a device and a command line user.

To create a token for the App Connector in the previous step:

  1. Go to the tab: User tokens.

  2. Click on: New.

  3. Select the user.

  4. Enter the description. This must be unique.

  5. Click on: Next

  6. You see the generated token.

  7. Click on: Copy. Use this action to copy the token to the Clipboard.

  8. Click on: Finish

  9. Store the token. This token will be used in the Anywhere365 CRM Service during installation of Plugin Settings.