Skills per Agent


SkillPerAgent is the link between Agents and Skills. Hunting an Agent will be impossible if the needed Skill is not linked to an Agent.

A single Skill can be linked to multiple Agents and an Agent can have multiple Skills. Each Skill of an Agent can be scored from 1% (very little knowledge) to 100% (much knowledge).


Training Video


Explanation per field

In order to manage SkillsPerAgent, the following screen should be filled in:




A Skill can be selected from the dropdown menu.


This field contains the score of the selected Agent on the selected Skill (ranging from 0 till 100).


This field represents the SIPThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol to make multimedia communication (audio, video and other data communication) possible and it is also used for Voice over IP (VoIP). SIP has similarities with other Internet protocols such as HTTP and SMTP. address of the Agent.

Note Make sure there are no spaces behind the SIP address and the SIP address consists of small caps only)


SkillPerAgent Scenario’s

Below the possible scenarios for SkillsPerAgent are presented.


Create/Edit/Remove item

Item can be created, edited or removed.

Warning Updates to the system are real-time; therefore wrong entries might cause malfunctions.