Dialogue Cloud

Adaptive Cards

Note Available since Core 8.6.4


Adaptive Cards can be used as UI components for WebChat 2. For example, you can us it as an question form:


Access list

Because the Canned Responses are only used for the Dialogue Manager, you cannot access the list via the menu. Accessing the list can be done via:

  1. Adding "Lists/AdaptiveCards/AllItems.aspx" to your SharePoint URL.

    Example: https://SharePointOnlineURL/SubSite/UCCConfigTemplate/Lists/AdaptiveCards/AllItems.aspx

  2. Or opening "Site Content" and select "AdaptiveCards".


Explanation per field

In order to manage Canned Responses, the following fields should be filled in:




Name of the Adaptive Card.


Id of the Adaptive Card. This field is used for selecting the Adaptive Card in the WebChat 2 config.


This field can be used as a description for the Adaptive Card

Adaptive Card Payload

The card payload designed on: https://adaptivecards.io/designer/


The response that is sent back to the customer after submitting the Adaptive Card.

Tip: You can use placeholder for a more personal greeting, for example: Thanks {standard.customerName} for sharing, let's look for an agent.


Create/Edit/Remove item

Item can be created, edited or removed.

Warning Updates to the system are real-time; therefore wrong entries might cause malfunctions.