WorkJobs can be used to change the configuration of Anywhere365 on set points of time. The Work Job functionality gives the user the possibility to change certain settings on set point of time.

With work jobs it is possible for example to change the Welcome Message each day, based on the current time. The Workjobs work the same as a TimerJob, but then in combination with a SharePoint Workflow.

Other possible solutions:


Explanation per field




Name of the Timer Job. Can be used as notation field.


The day the Time Jobs needs to run:

Values: All Days, Business Days, Weekends, Specific Time, Specific Days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Specific start time

Calendar day and time when the Timerjob needs to run. (Only used when "Specific Time" is selected)

Specific days

Day(s) on which the Timejob needs to run (Only used when "Specific Days" is selected)

Start time

The point of time the Timer Job needs to run. (Not used when "Specific Time" is selected) Format: uu:mm

Note Timer check will be every 5 minutes.

Work Job Name

Name of the SharePoint Workjob

Work Job Parameters

Name and value of the SharePoint workflow.


Configure if the Timer Job needs to be active

  • TRUE = Timer Job will be used

  • FALSE = Timer Job is disabled

Run Now Once

Configure if the Timer Job needs to run once for testing purposes.

  • TRUE = Timer Job will run once. (For testing)

  • FALSE = Timer Job will run based on set day en time.


Work Jobs Create/Edit/Remove

Work Jobs can be created, edited or removed.

Warning Updates to the system are real-time; therefore wrong entries might cause malfunctions.