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Business Hours

Note In Core 6.0 or higher the SharePoint sites Time Zone is used as active Time Zone. (Except for SharePoint 2010, here the setting "Timezone" is used.)


Business hours are the configurable times, which set the availability of the UCC.

With the Anywhere365 platform it is possible to set the Business hours of each separate UCC. Outside business hours an alternative message (Message Closed) will be played and customers can be given the opportunity to leave a voice mail.

One day can have multiple Business Hours, for example the morning from 08:00 to 12:00 and the afternoon from 13:00 to 17:00. If the UCC is closed one day, the business hours can be edited, but it is easier to use Holidays instead.


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Explanation per field

In order to manage Business Hours, the following screen should be filled in:




This field contains the starting time of the Business hour. This must be in the (HH:MM).


This field contains the ending time of the Business hour (HH:MM).

Tip If End value is smaller or equal to the start then the Endtime is scheduled for the next day.


Here the respective day can be selected.


Note Replaces with "End = 00:00" after Core v 5.0.17324.0

Ignore the Start and End and opens the UCC all day. (But a Start and End time still needs to be present)


Create/Edit/Remove item

Item can be created, edited or removed.

Warning Updates to the system are real-time; therefore wrong entries might cause malfunctions.