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Missed Calls Today

Note The setting WriteSummaryToSharePoint must be TRUE, to use this feature.


In this list the missed calls of today are displayed.

This is the same list as the Call Summary list with an additional filter:

  • Accepted = False

  • StartTime = Today

It is possible to refine the filter.


Explanation per field

MissedCallsToday will be stored on SharePoint automatically together with some meta data:




The date/time when the call is connected to the UCC.


The SIP address of the Caller.


The Skill required for answering the Call.


(Optional) Refine filter

MissedCallsToday is a SharePoint View. This can be altered with the following steps:

  1. Open the Missed Calls Todays list

  2. Open the tab Lists

  3. Select Modify View

  4. You can change the items under Filter

  5. When finish press Ok