Learn about PSTN Agents

Note Enterprise license and higher


PSTN Agents are a new feature in 6.3 that allow you to use a lineuri (e.g., tel:+31612345678) instead of a sipuri for agents (e.g., sipThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol to make multimedia communication (audio, video and other data communication) possible and it is also used for Voice over IP (VoIP). SIP has similarities with other Internet protocols such as HTTP and SMTP.:agent@example.com).




PSTN Agents Licensing

To use PSTN agents, the following licensing rules must be followed:




For 6.4 additional configuration is needed. The PSTN Presence source needs to be enabled explicitly in the XML configuration of your Unified Contact Center Service, Learn More:


<PstnPresenceSource enabled="true" />


If you upgraded from 6.3 to 6.4 using the provided update script the PstnPresenceSource will be already added to your XML configuration.


Presence Emulation

​The UCC emulates presence for PSTN agents. If an agent is in a UCC call the presence of the agent will be set to 'busy'. If the agent is not in a call the presence will be set to 'available'.