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How to configure Teams Hunter

Note: Requires Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud for Teams Licensing (Cloud OPEX Licenses). Cannot be used in combination with an On Premises Lync Microsoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) is an instant messaging program designed for business use and is the successor of Windows Messenger. In order to use Lync, a Microsoft Lync Server is required. / Skype for Business and Anywhere365 implementation.

When a call is offered to a Teams Agent, the transferred-by header is not visible in the toast A toast is a pop-up instant message or audio call notification the user receives on his desktop.. Therefore it is not clear whether the call is a direct / personal call, or a call offered through Anywhere365.

Also Teams is unable to show a subject (at time of writing this article).

We therefore introduced a new setting UseTeamsHunter (boolean). What this setting does is the following

  • It always sets the Transferred-By header with the identity of the ucc (so it is clear the call is coming from a ucc)

  • It impersonates the invite as the incoming participant (Customer)

It will prevent the following settings from working

  • UseOriginalIdentityWithInbound

  • UseOriginalIdentityWithOutbound AlternativeCallerId (Agent)

  • IsAttendant

  • EnableTemporarilyUnavailable

We also introduced another setting TeamsAnonymousImpersonateUri (sip uri) Teams is unable to transfer calls if the remote participants identity is anonymous.

Using this setting the identity is overwritten with the contents of TeamsAnonymousImpersonateUri if the remote participant is anonymous, a Teams client is then able to transfer the call.