Install Dial Code Prompt

Note This feature requires an additional prompt. Extra license may be required. Please contact your Sales Contact to verify.

Note This feature is supported in Dialogue Cloud via Dialogue Studio

Create Dial Codes list

  1. Open the UCC site

  2. Open Site Content

  3. Select "Add an App"

  4. Select "Custom List"

  5. Enter "Dial Codes" as Name and press create.


Configure Dial Codes list

  1. Open the newly created Dial Codes list

  2. Open the "List" tab

  3. Select "Create new Column"

    1. Use "Dial Code" as Column name.

      Warning Case Sensitive

    2. Use"Number" as Column type

    3. Select "Create"

  4. Open the "List" tab

  5. Select "Create new Column"

    1. Use "Skill" as Column name.

      Warning Case Sensitive

    2. Use "Lookup" as Column type

    3. Use "Skills" in Get Information from

    4. Use "Title" in this column

    5. Select "Create"

Add Prompt to PromptConfig list

  1. Open the PromptConfig list

  2. Select "New Item" and only enter the following:

    1. Use "DialCodeIdentityPrompt" as PromptId

    2. Enter a "Welcome" or "AudioFile"

  3. Select "Save"


Create Dial Codes IVR Questions

  1. Open the IVRInteractive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone application to take orders via telephone keypad or voice through a computer. By choosing menu options the caller receives information, without the intervention of a human operator, or will be forwarded to the appropriate Agent. Question list

  2. Select "New Item"

    1. Use "DialCodePrompt" as Title

    2. Use "Prompt" as Action

    3. For Parent Question, there are 2 scenario's:

      1. Use "Welcome Message" as Parent Question for the DialCode be asked on the Welcome Message.

      2. Leave Parent Question empty to assign the Prompt as a choice on a question.

    4. Enter a valid Choice

    5. Use "DialCodeIdentityPrompt" as Name

    6. Select "Save"

  3. Select "New Item"

    1. Use "Question invaliddialcode" as Title

    2. Enter a valid Choice

    3. Use "Answer" or "AudioAnswer" as feedback for an incorrect response.
      (optionally also configure an Action)

    4. Select "Save"


Edit Prompt in Prompt list

  1. Open the Prompt list

  2. Edit the "DialCodeIdentityPrompt" and only enter the following:

    1. Use "Question invaliddialcode" as Sad

  3. Select "Save"


Add Prompt setting

  1. Open the Settings list

  2. Select "New Item"

    1. Use "NoPromptReceivedTimeout" as Title

    2. Select "Save"


Add Prompt to Config

  1. Login on the Anywhere365 Server

  2. Open file ‘Config.xml’ for editing purposes.

    Tip First make a backup of the file to prevent problems!

    6.3: C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\Core\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\Config.xml

    6.0: C:\Program Files\Anywhere365\Core\Config.xml

    5.0: C:\Program Files\UCC\Config.xml

  3. Add the following core to the UCC

    Note Prompt dll files needs to be placed on the correct location first. Files can be requested in the support portal.

    <Prompts path="prompts\">

    <Identity ByPrompt="DialCodeIdentityPrompt" AmountPromptDigits="3" WaitForIdentityTaskFinished="true">




    1. AmountPromptDigits = The number of digits the prompt expects.

  4. Save the config.xml


Restart UCC

The final step is restarting the UCC, so that the prompt can be loaded during startup.


Configure Dial Code Prompt

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